What level of riding expertise is required?

We only accept riders with good basic riding skills who can control the horse at any pace.

Outdoor Riding Level 2 and 3.

Outdoor Riding levels explained

Level 1: You have tried riding before. *Level 1 is not enough to attend our holidays.

Level 2: You can control the horse at all paces (walk, trot and gallop) in the outdoors.

Level 3: You are in good physical condition and can ride fit and confident in the outdoors at all paces and on any horse.

Can I bring and ride my own horse?

Yes, you can bring your own horse.

Do I need insurance/Am I insured in case of an accident?

In order to attend the holiday, it is necessary to have comprehensive personal liability protection (CPL insurance). For your own good, we recommend that you check your private insurance. When you book the trip you will have to sign a document indicating that  ‘’You understand and acknowledge that horse riding and handling can be dangerous and that serious injury or death may result from horse riding activities and in particular this ride/lesson. I agree that I ride at my own risk’’.

Do I have to wear a helmet? Can you provide us with one?

The use of helmet is mandatory to children under 18, but we suggest that all riders wear a safety helmet. We have a selection of helmets, and we can provide you with one.

Who can attend a holiday? Age limit? Weight limit?

The horse riding holidays are available to anyone who has good basic riding skills and is physically and psychologically capable of carrying out the programme selected.

Age limit: Minimum 16 years (younger riders can be accepted if they are accompanied by their parents).

Weight limit: 100 kg / 15 stones 10 lbs

What type of tack do you use?

We use English style saddles for the Icelandic horses and Western saddles for Quarter and Warm-blood horses.

How do I apply and how do I pay?

You can apply by emailing us on info@horsesonbreg.si and pay by bank transfer. A 50% deposit must be paid within seven days of making your provisional booking. The remaining balance needs to be paid four weeks upon your arrival. If full payment is not received on the due date we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled and, therefore, apply cancellation.

If the reservation is booked within four weeks prior your arrival, payment should be made in full.

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