Our horses


  • Year of birth: 2001

  • Gender: Mare

  • Breed: Warm-blood

  • Height:160 cm

She’s been with us since 2004, and she is our Queen.

The leading horse that all the others horses will follow and trust. On the trail, she will be the one leading most of the time.


  • Year of birth: 2008

  • Gender: Mare

  • Breed: Quarter horse mix

  • Height: 155 cm

She’s been with us since she was 7 months old. She is the princes of our pasture.

This is a strong, fast and responsive horse but always in the shadow of our Queen.

Golden boy

  • Year of birth: 2014

  • Gender: Gelding

  • Breed: Quarter horse

  • Height:158 cm

He’s been with us since 2016.

The handsome one who thinks that people are there just to pet him.

In his mind, he is too beautiful to do anything fast or with no style.


  • Year of birth: 2009

  • Gender: Mare

  • Breed: Icelandic horse

  • Height:142 cm

She was born and raised by us, and she is the most trusted horse in our herd.

She has the most gentle walks and when she gallops you feel like you are on a magic carpet.


  • Year of birth: 2007

  • Gender: Mare

  • Breed: Anglo-Arabian horse

  • Height:150 cm

She’s been with us since 2018. In this short time she has proven to be reliable, fast, and able to lead the herd with great confidence.


  • Year of birth: 2006

  • Gender: Mare

  • Breed: Warm-blood

  • Height: 162 cm

She’s been with us since 2018, but the history of this horse goes further back. She already stayed with us in 2010, when the owner brought her here for basic training.

This is a big, strong horse who can go for days.